How Can I Improve My Higher Order Language Skills?

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When concepts first move from concrete ideas to abstract ways of thinking, some students start to struggle for the first time. This can happen because they have weaknesses in higher order language skills. Higher order language skills, also called higher level language or metalinguistic skills, refers to advanced language processing. It requires abstract and deductive verbal reasoning skills and the understanding of advanced vocabulary and word relationships. But what are the common signs?

Do I have dyslexia_ Explaining Symptoms and Myths for Kids

You Might Have Higher Order Language Problems if:

    • You have problems predicting outcomes.
    • You have difficulties with implied meaning or inferences.
    • You have problems with pragmatic or social language skills.
    • You have difficulties expressing your ideas in words.
    • You struggle with writing skills.
    • You have problems with main ideas and details.
    • You have difficulties understanding jokes, riddles, and humor.
    • You struggle with writing summaries and paraphrasing.
    • You have difficulties sequencing events.
    • You struggle with cause and effect relationships
higher order language weaknesses
Free Handouts and Activities

    What are Some Common Myths and Truths About Higher Order Language?

      • Myth 1: People with weak higher order language skills are not smart.
      • Truth 1: Many individuals with weak higher order language skills are bright and creative. In fact, some are gifted.
      • Myth 2: People with weak higher order language skills will always be concrete learners.
      • Truth 2: With the right instruction, individuals with higher order language difficulties can learn abstract thinking skills.
      • Myth 3: People with poor higher order language skills have problems making friends.
      • Truth 3: With the right intervention and instruction, individuals with weak higher order language skills will have many friends.
      • Myth 4: People with poor higher order language skills cannot learn to write.
    truths about higher order language
    Free Handouts and Activities
    • Truth 4: Kids with higher order language weaknesses learn differently. With patience and multisensory teaching methods, they can learn higher order language skills.

    Free Handouts and Images

    To get free handouts of the images in this blog, as well as three activity pages, CLICK HERE.

    I Can Help!

    The appropriate intervention allows students to develop both core cognitive and linguistic skills. In addition, games can help them understand and master these abstract concepts while having fun. 
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    Higher Order Language Skills Bundle
    If you would like to watch a video on this content, click on the image below.
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    Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.

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