Higher Order Language Skills: A Bundle of Remedial Tools

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Some students struggle academically for the first time when concepts move from concrete ideas to abstract ways of thinking. This happens because they have weaknesses in higher order language skills.

Higher order language skills, also called higher level language or metalinguistic skills, refers to advanced language processing that is an expected competence in middle school and high school. It requires both abstract and deductive verbal reasoning skills as well as the understanding of advanced vocabulary, and word relationships.
profile of two children's brains being activated when doing higher order language activities

What are the Common Difficulties Associated with Higher Order Language Skills?

When a student has difficulty with higher order language skills, they may struggle with any of the following:

  1. Making connections and associations between words, sentences, or stories
  2. Implied meaning or inferences
  3. Social pragmatics skills
  4. Oral and written comprehension
  5. Writing skills
  6. Main ideas and details
  7. Jokes, riddles, and humor
  8. Writing summaries and paraphrasing
  9. Sequencing events
  10. Cause and effect
  11. Predicting outcomes

How Can I Help? 

Appropriate intervention allows students to develop the core cognitive skills and language-rich activities and games can help them master these abstract concepts. If you would like ready-made materials that can help strengthen these skills, consider my Higher Order Language Skills Bundle. This bundle offers a discounted price on a grouping of my popular publications. Click on the image below to learn more.
whats the big idea course cover
If you are looking for a combination of higher order language activities and also executive functioning support consider my Executive Functioning Activities Library: 

If you would like to watch a video on this content, click on the image below.

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