Dyslexia and Voice Dream Reader: A Demonstration and Discussion

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This post shares my most recent video blog. Stan Gloss joins me again for a demonstration of Voice Dream Reader as well as a discussion about the many benefits of this text to voice technology for individuals with dyslexia.

Dyslexia and Voice Dream Reader

Resources mentioned in the video podcast:

URL: https://youtu.be/5cdVCQoiTqU

Voice Dream Reader Demonstration

A Breakdown of the Video:

01:29 Downloading Voice Dream Reader from iTunes
02:26 A document that reviews what’s new on Voice Dream Reader
03:17 How to adjust the speech rate
04:30 Managing and downloading voices
05:45 Learning Ally audiobook option
06:48 Adjust text size, spacing, and margins
09:07 Syncing iCloud with Audiobooks in Voice Dream Reader
11:05 Text sources for Voice Dream Reader
11:48 Using Bookshare with Voice Dream Reader
14:32 Using Bookshare and Voice Dream Reader as a reasonable accommodation for students with dyslexia
16:16 Adjusting the text color, highlight color and line color
17:14 Highlighting and exporting text
18:00 Defining words, Annotating, and pronunciation correction
20:19 Reading mode: Using a timer, finger reading and more
22:25 Pac-Man Reading Mode - helps increase reading speed
24:25 Benefits of Voice Dream Reader for individuals with dyslexia

Please note that this past May 19th, I posted a blog entitled Text to Voice - A Bookshare Demonstration and Discussion that shared the many benefits of Bookshare and touched on Voice Dream Reader. This too featured Stan Gloss, and in many ways, these posts work well together. In fact, we recorded them on the same day.

Want to see my Podcast on Voice Dream Reader with the author Winston Chen?


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