Online Zoom Sessions for Learning Specialists: Making Documents Interactive

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Educational Therapists, Learning Specialists and Tutors can now use Zoom, a conferencing platform for free to improve online sessions and office appointments when meeting with students one-on-one. Compared to Skype, Google Hangout, and Facetime, Zoom is a more stable platform with some unique added features. 
Making PDFs interactive with Zoom

What are the Key Features?

Zoom allows both participants to share pdf images, web pages, word processing and an interactive whiteboard. When you select the green "share screen" option that is on the bottom menu of the zoom meeting, it opens a window that allows you to share anything that you have open on your desktop. What's more, it allows either participant to share their iPhone or iPad screen.
My favorite feature is that the participants can also draw lines and shapes or type text on the screen so that activities and images become interactive. Yes, if you have digital workbooks or images, you no longer have to print your activities! You could even take a picture of a workbook page and share this in a zoom lesson, as long as that image is open on your computer. This can save both time and money when prepping for appointments!
If you share the whiteboard with your students, it can be a nice way for the two of you to brainstorm ideas in a web. It can also be a nice blank space to practice spelling activities.
What's more, Zoom has the added feature of letting either party record the session. This way strategies or snippets of your lessons can be shared with parents after the Zoom sessions is over. As soon as you end your zoom session, your recording will be converted and saved to your computer as an mp4. This can be mailed as an attachment or placed into dropbox and shared.

Can I See a Demonstration?

I did a demonstration of how I use Zoom in my online sessions by completing one of my Following Directions Intermediate activities called What am I?
I look forward to getting to know you on the inside!

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