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The internet offers a growing number of wonderful resources for students, and there are quite a few free websites that can help to make the learning process both fun and memorable. Here is a list of my favorite resources:

sites that help with home work
Quizlet allows students to browse through and use millions of study materials created by other users, or they can also generate their own. Once information is entered into a set, students can use this content in many ways. Electronic flashcards can be viewed or printed or students can also learn the material through questioning activities. In addition, a variety of games can be generated from the information entered. Finally, students can create tests in a number of formats and take them online for an immediate score. Testing options include multiple choice, true and false, and fill-ins. There are even visuals and a feature that reads information aloud. Students can save their content, share them with others, and even merge them for midterms or finals.
Wolfram Alpha:

Instead of placing your questions into Google and other search engines, Wolfram Alpha offers its own engine that computes answers in many subject areas. The content and resources on this website are growing daily, and it already has a huge collection of knowledge. Go to Wolfram Alpha and ask a question. You will be amazed. It’s fabulous for calculating difficult math problems, and is a great way to check homework.
Wolfram Alpha:

Bookshare is supported by the Department of Education and offers audio books at no cost for school aged students with print-based disabilities.  Others can use it too for a nominal fee.
Shepard Software:   
This website offers hundreds of educational, interactive activities and games to help students learn math, geography, science and more. It's great for all ages.
Shepard Software
The Khan Academy

This is a wonderful not-for-profit organization that provides a free, quality education to students around the globe. They offer an ever growing collection of thousands of videos covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to chemistry, programming, history, SAT prep and more. They also have a practice/lesson component that is terrific. This allows students to test their new knowledge, and if they get stuck, the website walks them through the process and even offers the needed video tutorial! They have built into this site motivational tools such as avatars as well as feedback and progress summaries for parents and teachers.
The Khan Academy

If you want to take your presentations to a whole new level, create a Prezi! Like PowerPoint, you can generate a presentation, but a Prezi offers a different experience. Present your ideas on a large canvas, and show relationships through scale and placement.
Google Docs:    

Google Docs is Googles version of a word processing program.   You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys and more.  In addition, they offer a growing selection of add-on apps that provide templates, bibliography assistance, table of contents help, a thesaurus and more. What makes this extra special is that documents are saved in cyberspace so they can be accessed from any location.  In addition, you can invite others to view or even work on the same document. 

Google accounts are free and they can be accessed from any computer.  Google also offers free email (gmail), an excellent personal calendar (google calendar), and a translator (google translate).  
Google Docs
To learn about some more great resources on the internet that I share with my students, click here.
Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren
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