Learning Style Inventories Can Help with the College Process

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Did you know that discovering a student's best ways of learning can help define the best teaching methodologies?  So often, however, we expect all students to learn the same way.  It is this mentality that results in those that learn differently feeling inadequate, lonely, and disabled.  Let me share with you an approach that honors and accommodates learning diversity!

Eclectic Learning Profile

What is the Eclectic Learning Approach?

The Eclectic Learning Approach is an inventory and method of teaching that defines each student's best ways of learning or processing sensory input and it provides suggestions on how to accommodate learning diversity in the classroom and at home.  

The Eclectic Teaching Approach is for Students of All Ages:

The Eclectic Learning Approach is an ageless approach that empowers teachers to make lessons, assignments and tests more creative and flexible so that learners can express their knowledge in comfortable and empowering ways.  This is important because when students are enjoying the learning process they get bursts of the neurotransmitter dopamine that aids the encoding and retention of memory. 
For college students it's even more important, because it can also help to define appropriate higher education teaching and assessment approaches as well as  careers that honor each student's best ways of thinking and being.

What the New York Times Reports About Accommodating Diverse Learners

Here is an interesting article about how uncovering one's best ways of learning can help with the college process. It was printed in the New York Times - Monday November 19th 2012.


One great inventory to consider for this purpose, is the Eclectic Learning Profile. Come check it out: http://goodsensorylearning.com/eclectic-learning-profile.html

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Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.

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