Helping Students Plan Long-Term Assignments and Projects

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Figuring out how to manage long-term projects and assignments can be a challenge without a sequenced and structured approach, and teaching students how to manage these skills is a key element in the learning process. Planning and time management involve executive functioning, a portion of the brain that continues to develop until around 20 years of age. As a result, when teachers assign long-term assignments or projects, it is important for them to also instruct students on how to plot a strategy and break the task into manageable chunks.
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Planning the Overall Approach:

1. Set and Example: Demonstrate how you plan and manage your own time.
2. Brainstorm: When you announce a new long-term assignment, discuss with the students how they might plan their approach and create deadlines.
3. Group Work: Create opportunities for students to plan their approach in small groups.
4. Offer Incentives: Offer extra credit for students that can make a plan and stick to it.

Planning the Details:

1. Encourage students to estimate and discuss the total time they expect to spend on a project or assignment.
2. Break assignments or projects into manageable tasks with clear expectations.
3. Assign each task a goal, a start date, and a deadline date.
4. Ask students to record goals in a planner and/or on a family calendar.
5. Helps students create checklists and encourage them to check off completed tasks.


· Encourage students to schedule the completion of an assignment a few days early just in case they want teacher feedback, time commitments are underestimated or unexpected priorities arise.
· Allow your students to use my Planning Long-Term Assignments Checklist below as a guide throughout the process.
planning assignments handout
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