Three Activities that Strengthen Tracking Abilities for Improved Reading

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Some students struggle with tracking words across a page. They may lose their place or have trouble scanning from one line of text to the next. Here are three strategies that you can do at home to strengthening this skill.
ways to improve tracking for reading

Three Fun Ways to Strengthen Visual Tracking Skills for Reading:

1. Find a magazine article, book, or letter, and have the student circle or highlight every time they see the word “the.” You can pick any word, letter or phrase. Also, the student does not have to be able to comprehend the text that you select. Tell them to always read from left to right. Double check their work for accuracy. This will help to improve tracking ability and strengthen eye muscles. 
Visual Processing Workshop

2. Find a magazine article and ask the student to circle or highlight the letters of the alphabet as they scan the text from left to right. Again, they do not have to be able to read the text that you select. Double check their work for accuracy.

3. For a greater challenge, pre-read the text and pull some words out of the text that then create a new sentence that the student must locate. These must be words the student can recognize, and the student must find the words in the text in the same sequence presented.

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