Four Steps to Making Learning Fun

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How can you make lessons exciting and fun for your Students? The expression that it's all in the presentation is the secret.
how to make learning fun

Four Ways to Make Learning Fun

  1. Create a catchy and attractive name for a new lesson. You could introduce a new lesson and call it, for example, "Script" or "Cursive." But as one of my students said, script sounds like strict and cursive sounds like cursed. Why not call this lesson, "Roller Coaster Letters." All my students can't wait to join letters into words so they can "test out their new roller coaster!"
  2. Share your own excitement in your voice, attitude and energy level when introducing a new lesson. If you are excited, they will be too.
  3. Students often need to be instructed multiple times before they "get the lesson." Make sure to teach new material to the different learning styles and go as multi-sensory as possible.
  4. Student love games, try in integrate as many game-like activities into your lessons as possible.

Are You Looking for Fun Lessons?

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Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.

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