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A strong working memory is now reported to be the cornerstone to academic success. It is a mental notepad where we post both visual and auditory information until we need to use it in short-term memory.  Strengthening one's working memory can have a profound effect on a students' learning capacity, and there are activities that can help exercise this core cognitive skill.
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How Can I Learn to Strengthen Working Memory?

Providing fun and engaging activities that require working memory such as Red Light, Green Light can help. However, ready-made activities that were designed specifically to exercise working memory can save time and focus an intervention plan.  My Working Memory & Hemisphere Integration Bundle Digital Download was created based on the newest research. Come download some FREE SAMPLE ACTIVITIES.  If you would like to learn about all my multisensory tools that develop working memory, CLICK HERE.

Come Watch my free, short Video on Working Memory:

Would you Like a Copy of my Free Working Memory Screener?

Based on the research and the diagnostic criteria, I created a simple screener to help uncover those that struggle with working memory weaknesses.  CLICK HERE to download your copy today.

What are People Say about my Working Memory & Hemisphere Integration Bundle Digital Download?

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  • "I have quite a few of these resources. Good move on my part. I am a dyslexic specialist and my pupils love the exercises. One or two find it a tad challenging and get frustrated. So I do one or two while they observe/participate and are delighted when I ‘miss’ or make errors. Before you know it the children want to see if they can better my scores and beat me in timing..... works like a charm.  Actually, I think it is me who is hooked. More so than the children (:  Thank you for such original and varied resources."
  • "Wow! What a fun and thorough group of activities to increase working memory skills! Thank you! I even laminated some pages so that they can be used over and over with dry erase markers!"
  • "Amazing materials. I didn't know where to begin to help my daughter. I can't thank you enough!"
  • "Challenging yet useful resource for students that struggle with these areas of learning. Noticing improvements in my students' abilities to complete these tasks in faster time with less frustration. Thank you!"
If you would like to learn more about working memory, check out my working memory workshop!
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