How to Quickly and Easily Write Neatly with Zoom Annotations

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When working with students online using Zoom, it can be frustrating and messy when trying to write out lessons with your mouse. Although Zoom does offer a great typing tool, when doing math problems or drawing an image or diagram that requires a less linear approach there are better options out there.

Computer screen that says How to Write Neatly with Zoom Annotations

How Can You Use an iPad During Zoom?

A great way to write and draw neatly on a Zoom session is to link your iPad to the Zoom session and share the screen.  You can do this through airplay or by using a cable.  Simply:
  • First, select the green button at the bottom of the screen that says share screen

Red arrow points to share screen

  • Second, select either: iPhone/iPad via AirPlay OR iPhone/iPad via a USB to lightning cable. * I find the use of a cable to be a more reliable option.

airplay or cable icons for Zoom

  • Third, allow screen sharing on your device by selecting: "Trust this computer" on your device. If it doesn't work, make sure both your iPad and Computer are updated to the latest versions and restart the devices.

Trust Button when sharing an iPad on Zoom

  • Fourth, you should now be able to share your iPhone or iPad for all participants of the Zoom call to see.
  • Fifth, download a free drawing app such as Sketchbook or Whiteboard.  You can also use a paid-for drawing app such as Procreate.

My iPad desktop

  • Sixth, select an app option.  I'm choosing the app, Whiteboard, for the following image.  I like to use my Apple pencil or a stylus for writing, but you can also use your finger.

Colorful writing on the Whiteboard app for online instruction

How Can You Use a Wacom?

The Wacom acts as your mouse and/or tablet.  It offers a writing surface and a pencil for moving the cursor and writing.  Here are my two favorite options.

1. Wacom Intuos - writing mouse (pad and stylus ) CLICK HERE to purchase.

Wacom Intuos and stylus


  • Two sizes: small and medium. I recommended the smaller version that is 6 x 3.7 inches.
  • 4 shortcut buttons
  • Precise pen tracking
  • Scratch-resistant writing surface
  • Easy setup
  • Wired and Wireless options
  • Windows, Mac, Android compatible
  • Requires you to look at the screen while writing on the surface, therefore it has a learning curve.
  • Affordable

2. Wacom One - Writing tablet and stylus for easier and optimal online teaching CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon

Wacom One with mind map image


  • Writing size: 13.3 Inches (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Display enabled tablet that allows you to write directly on the image
  • Foldable stand that allows you to write at an angle
  • Textured and anti-glare surface
  • Wired Connectivity
  • Windows, Mac, Android compatible
  • More expensive

Please note that it must be used with a computer. Clearly, having the right tools to instruct your students can improve lessons, understanding, and attention. I hope you consider purchasing one of these options. I have all three!!

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kids learning about visual processing activities

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

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