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Struggling to engage your students in phonics practice?

This downloadable treasure trove offers seven exciting board games that make mastering syllables a breeze! Designed for students using the Orton-Gillingham approach, this 41-page PDF resource is packed with:

  • Engaging Board Games: Reinforce core phonics concepts with seven reproducible board games, each targeting a specific syllable type (closed, open, silent e, r-combinations, consonant le, and vowel combinations).
  • Syllabication Made Easy: A dedicated game focuses on syllabication, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of syllable structure.
  • Flexible & Adaptable: These games can be seamlessly integrated with any phonics-based reading program or Orton-Gillingham instruction, making them a versatile addition to your teaching toolbox.
  • Printable & Ready-to-Go: Download, print, and get playing! No need for complicated setup or additional materials.

Turn phonics practice into a fun adventure! Download these captivating board games today and watch your students' reading skills soar.

A Description of the Games:

  Game Name            Description

Jungle Beats

This game allows students to practice hearing the number of syllables in words.

Puppy Party 1

This game allows students to practice their short vowel sounds in simple closed syllables.

Puppy Party 2

This game allows students to practice their short vowel sounds in more complex closed syllables.

Flutter Butterfly

This game provides practice with the vowel combinations or vowel teams.

R-Combinations Sport Challenge

This game provides practice with the r-combination syllables.

Syllable Dragon

This game allows students to practice discriminating between the six different syllable types.

Collect Five Syllabication Fun

This game allows students to practice syllabication or breaking words into syllables.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Deborah J.
Fun resource

I really appreciate this resource. The word cards are specific to skill I am working on with my students and they really love the games. It is a great way for them to practice reading and have fun.

Pamela D.
Well loved

After trying out your free puppy game, I knew that I needed to buy the full resource. I'm so glad I did. I have used these games one-on-one with my D/HH students during their sessions. They have been well loved and were very helpful with developing readers.

Kim Arnold
Great games!

These games are great. They cover a lot of phonics skills that kids need to practice in a fun way. The graphics are very impressive.

Lynda M.
Great resource

I am always on the lookout for high quality structured literacy resources. This one can be used with students who are struggling with early literacy skills, but it is also a great resource for any first grade student.