5 Strategies that Make Learning the Alphabet a lot of Fun

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I love to teach little kids the letters of the alphabet.  There are so many fun and creative ways to teach this fundamental skill!!

5 Letter Instruction Activities Your Children Will Surely Savor

1) Fill a tray with a light coating of sand, ground coffee, flour, or rice. Make sure that the tray is a contrasting color so that when the kids make the letters, they can see the surface of the tray underneath.
2) Form the individual letters out of food that starts with that letter. For example, make the letter B out of sliced bananas, carve the letter O in the rind of an orange, or make the letter M out of mustard.
3) Have the children find the letters in the environment. For example, they might see that two intersecting branches make the letter T, a portion of a ladder makes the letter H, or an Allen wrench or hex key makes the letter L.
4) Boil spaghetti and cool it. While it is still pliable let the children form the different letters. Then let the letters dry and paint them.
5) Take pictures of the letters that the children made in the prior activities. Print them out and let them spell simple words with the letters or even make their own name.

Happy kids reading

If you try these activities, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren
Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.

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