Alphabetizing Exercises Help to Develop Memory and Organizational Skills

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Alphabetizing is an important skill to master. It helps develop organizational skills, executive functioning abilities and it even improves memory. Furthermore, if we sequence materials that we are encoding into our brains, it makes it easier to access at a later date. 
Alphabetizing games
In addition, when we apply these principles to everyday life, it can help us to access our personal materials quicker and more efficiently. Moreover, it is a skill that is needed in many employment positions. The problem is that most alphabetizing activities are dull and boring. Alphabet Roundup is my newest product, and it makes the process both fun and memorable. Four different decks from beginners to advanced can be sorted and also played in a card game. Amusing images and names will keep all the players chuckling.
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Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

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