Measurement Memory Strategies for Elementary Students in the US

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While most countries use the international metric system, the United States uses the old British Imperial System of inches and pounds. Many students struggle to remember conversions, but we have a strategy that can definitely help!
Measurement Memory Strategies for Elementary Students

What are some Fun and Memorable Ways to Teach Kids about The Imperial System?

Would you like to learn some enjoyable and memorable ways to teach elementary students about measurement conversions? Measurement Memory Strategies is a clever, downloadable PowerPoint that teachers and parents can use to teach measurement strategies with fun imagery.  Cute pictures help students quickly learn how many inches in a foot, how many cups in a pint, and how many ounces in a pound to name a few.   

What is Included in Measurement Memory Strategies?

The visual memory strategies can be used to teach the concepts in the first half of this Power Point.  The second half of the presentation then tests the students' new knowledge.  CLICK HERE to learn more! 

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