Reading Assessment for Orton Gillingham and Phonics Based Reading Programs

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I just wanted to announce my newest publication: The Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment. This comprehensive reading evaluation was created for teachers, reading specialists, learning specialists and parents who need a simple but comprehensive reading evaluation instrument that can direct instruction so specific reading needs can be targeted. Instead putting a student through a whole reading program, remediation can be tailored to address  areas of weakness so that the student can quickly experience success.
Good Sensory Learning Reading Evalutation

Can I Use This Assessment with a Reading Program?

It works seamlessly with any phonics or Orton-Gillingham based reading program. Moreover, the evaluation can also be utilized after remedial intervention to define cognitive growth as well as areas that require continued attention and support. Twenty three, quick subtests are administered to a single student, and the test can be completed 
in one or more sitting(s).Good Sensory Learning Reading Evaluation

If you are interested in seeing more, feel free to click on the following link, where you can viewa few pages. If you like it, you can purchase the publication too.

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.

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