50 Awesome Remedial Games for Struggling Readers

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When I first began my private practice about 20 years ago, my primary focus was remedial reading with Orton Gillingham (OG) methods. With my doctoral training in hand, I continually reviewed reading programs, read books, and went through a number of OG training courses.  Although the suggested materials were purported to be "multisensory," I still found the process, for the most part, dull and boring. In addition, I often had to bribe my students with candy and stickers to read long lists of words and complete tedious drills.  What could I do to make the process fun, exciting, memorable and even more multisensory?
collage of 50 games for struggling readers

Creating Games with Phonics and Orton Gillingham Content

I soon began to create card games out of sight word lists as well as board games for the 6 syllable types.  My students loved the games, and their motivation and memory improved dramatically.   I continued to create more games for words beginnings, word ending, rhyming words, syllabication, spelling, and more.  My students were a constant sounding board, and I tweaked them until the kids were begging to play.  

I Had So Much Success I Decided to Share My Materials with the Public

Creating the games was a blast.  I was able to tap into my BA in fine arts and create colorful and engaging materials.  I always used my students as eager advisors, and it wasn't long until I had about 50 reading games.  I have been selling them now for about 10 years and I always get glowing feedback.  Here are a few reviews:
  • "I always love to use games to reinforce the learning for my students. Thank you for helping to make my lessons fun."
  • "Thank you so much for sharing this with the world! I will use these to supplement my Wilson reading."
  • "To have all of the resources made for you is heaven!"
  • "Absolutely Love! I am starting Wilson this year and was afraid I would get bored and it would be too dry! This will definitely keep my kids engaged!"
  • "Thank you so much for this! I am trained in the Orton-Gillingham methods. I work as a resource teacher for our district as well as a tutor at our Children's Dyslexia Center. As a graduate student for Reading Specialist, I am always looking for great resources for my own teaching as well as to share with my classroom teachers. This is definitely a great addition to my collection! Thanks!!"
  • "I struggled to find materials to use with a new student who has dyslexia. These were great! Thank you so much!" :)
  • "This is absolutely worth the cost. These games are really engaging, the skills are well-targeted and give lots of practice, and my squirrelly students can learn and move at the same time."

How Can You Learn More About My Reading Games?

I have created more than 50 different games for all levels of reading remediation. To learn more about all of these games CLICK HERE. If you would like to try a free sample game CLICK HERE.

I also create games for writing, math, executive functioning, working memory and more.  If you would like to learn about all my games, CLICK HERE.

Cheers, Erica
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