Scrible: Amazing Annotating Writing Tool for Dyslexic and Struggling Writers

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Like a complex braid, great writers weave and multitask with sentence rules, spelling, idea formation, content organization and more. And when learners struggle with one or more of these processes, writing can become a frustrating tangle of ideas, an apparent, impossible knot to unsnarl. Research papers can be particularly tricky, because students also have the added obstacles to collect relevant articles, organize the information into a structured layout, paraphrase and manage citations.
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This week, I am so excited to share with you an assistive technology video blog with Victor Karkar, the CEO of Scrible. Scrible is an amazing online tool that students can use to annotate and color-code online text and simplify the process of writing research papers. This extraordinary technology, that is recognized by the National Science Foundation, can help students to read and write more efficiently. What's more, it offers a step by step process that can be monitored and supported by teachers and parents. Scrible offers single click citations, bibliographies, color coding, sharing, as well as organizing and annotating features. To top it off, it integrates with Google Drive, offers a free Google docs Add-on and can sync with Google Classroom for individualized student analytics. They offer a free plan, but I highly recommend upgrading to the Education Pro Plan at only $10.00 a year for grade school and $28.00 a year for higher education. It’s well worth all the added features.
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Come watch my video blog with Victor, so that you too can be blown away by this technology that can help all students become confident writers.
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