Teacher Training Courses and Workshops

Come find a growing collection of comprehensive courses and workshops by Dr. Erica Warren. 

In Dr. Warren's online classes you can learn:

  • how to open your own tutoring practice, learning specialist practice, or educational therapy practice. 
  • ways to assess and remediate spelling difficulties
  • multisensory and structured ways to teach writing skills

Dr. Warren is also offering a growing number of affordable workshops for parents and professionals:

Each interactive workshop is $18.00 and includes and Q and A session.  They are for approximately one hour.  Events are offered at different times so that all participants can be accommodated.  If you sign up for the workshop and miss it, you can get a copy of the session.  Once sessions are over, the presentation portion of the workshop is made available at Good Sensory Learning for $19.99 each.

Coming workshops that you can participate in - live with Dr. Warren:
  • Coming Soon

Past workshops:

Dr. Warren provides all the steps, advice, and a wealth of resources, so you can help students overcome learning challenges and you can provide a needed service to your community.  To learn more about Dr. Warren, CLICK HERE.