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Dr. Warren now offers a comprehensive, updated math resource called Memorable Math - Great for struggling math students, you can learn more here.

Explore the Math Favorites Multisensory Bundle, a specially priced collection of Dr. Warren's most acclaimed math resources. This bundle features a selection of digital downloads that utilize multisensory techniques and embedded memory strategies to make math learning both engaging and effective.

Bundle Contents:

This comprehensive bundle includes a variety of innovative products designed to enhance mathematical understanding through interactive and enjoyable methods:

  • Angles Instruction Memory Strategies and Activities: A PowerPoint digital download that teaches angle concepts with memorable strategies.
  • Measurement Memory Strategies: Another PowerPoint digital download focused on embedding key measurement concepts through visual and auditory memory aids.
  • Money Game Piggy Banking: An interactive digital game that makes learning about money management fun and practical.
  • Monster Long Multiplication: A digital tool to help master long multiplication with catchy mnemonics and engaging visuals.
  • Multisensory Multiplication and Division to Melodies: Learn multiplication and division through melodies, enhancing retention and enjoyment.
  • My Pet PEMDAS: A creative approach to understanding the order of operations in mathematics.
  • Place Value Game and Instruction: Place Value Panic: This digital download combines a thrilling game with instructional content to solidify place value concepts.
  • Quantitative and Spatial Puzzles: Beginners: Engage with puzzles that develop quantitative reasoning and spatial awareness from the start.

Learn More:

Each product in this bundle has been crafted to transform traditional math instruction into a dynamic learning experience. For detailed information about each included resource, please click on the live links below.

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