Multisensory Teaching Accommodates the 12 Ways of Learning

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To be a true multisensory teacher, it is important to be aware of all 12 Ways of Learning. The Eclectic Teaching Approach merges the theories of cognitive styles, multiple intelligences, information processing, and multisensory learning to reveal 12 diverse and distinctive ways of processing and encoding information.

12 Ways of Learning

Accommodating Individual Needs

Each of these learning modalities lie on a continuum and individuals have their own profiles that are based on cognitive strengths, preferences as well as exposure to each methodology.

Tailor Your Teaching Approach

By learning about the Eclectic Teaching Approach, teachers, educational therapists, parents and even employers can be more mindful of their expectations as well as their lesson or training approach. Then, by evaluating preferences, instruction and assignments can be tailored for groups or individuals resulting in optimal learning.

What are the 12 Ways of Learning?

Visual Learners: 

Process information through observation with the visual field and using one's mind's eye.

Auditory Learners

Process information by listening and using one's inner voice.

Tactile Learners:

Process information with the sense of touch.

Kinesthetic Learners: 

Process information by incorporating bodily movement into the learning process.

Sequential Learners:

Process information by organizing information into in a series or sequence. 

Simultaneous Learners:

Process information by categorizing the content into main ideas and details

Reflective/Logical Learners:

Process information by thinking about the content and reasoning with it.

Verbal Learners:

Process information by thinking aloud and participating in discussions.

Eclectic Teaching Approach and Inventory

Interactive Learners:

Process information with the company of others.

Indirect Experience Learners:

Process information information through demonstrations or vicarious learning.

Direct Experience Learners:

Process information by encountering practicing and interacting with what they are learning.

Rhythmic Melodic Learners:

Process information to a rhythm, beat or melody.  Many, but not all, find music or white noise helps with the learning process. 

Free Prezi on the 12 Ways of Learning

If you would like to view a FREE Prezi on the 12 Ways of Learning Click here. or on the image below.

12 Ways of Learning Prezi

Learn How to Be a Multisensory Teacher

As you interested in an assessment that can tell you or your students they best ways of learning.  Go to our Eclectic learning information.

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.

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