Erasable Frixion Markers Make Learning Both Fun and Memorable

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Frixion pens, highlighters and markers are currently my favorite tool for making my sessions both fun and memorable. From colorcoding, to erasing mishaps, to sending secret messages, these magical writing utensils will engage students of all ages.

Just this past week, one of my students, that is a senior in high school, had a blast breaking down the steps required to complete mathematical logarithms.

Frixion Markers for Schooling

What Are My Favorite Frixion Options?

Most recently, I found a set of 24, different, vibrant markers that can bring a rainbow of colors to assignments and projects. Best of all, with the swipe of the attached rubber eraser, the ink disappears. I’m also a fan of their highlighters, as it enables my students to erase their markings when they highlight too much information. Now correcting mishaps is somewhat miraculous.

How Does the Frixion Technology Work?

The markings become invisible when heated. When rubbing the ink with the hard rubber eraser, heat from the resulting friction causes a temperature-sensing compound to activate an acid compound. This neutralizes the dye, and the ink virtually disappears!

Other Cool Tricks:

  • If your Frixion highlighters, markers or pens stop working and they are not out of ink, place them into a freezer, and they will be as good as new.
  • You can quickly erase a page of markings by adding heat from a hair drier, a flame, the stove, or the sun.
  • You can have your markings reappear by placing the paper or notebook into a freezer.

frixion pens

Ways to Use the Frixion Highlighters, Markers and even Pen

  • Write assignments or clues on an index card. Apply heat so that the text disappears. Ask your students to place their assignment in the freezer to decode the message.
  • Help your students organize lessons by allowing them to use the Frixion markers or pens to color code notes or a sequence of steps.
  • Allow students to highlight their handouts and textbooks. Then, if you would like to quickly clear the highlights, apply heat from a hairdryer and all the markings with disappear in seconds.
Executive Functioning Coaching
    If you don't have any of the many Frixion options, click on the images or linked text above to learn how to get them on Amazon.

    Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

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