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Back in 2017, I was interviewed by Elisheva Schwartz, a fabulous entrepreneur that hosts the Dyslexia Quest Podcast. It was a really fun and lively discussion that centered on the amazing benefits of mastering the metacognitive skill, visualization. There is a wealth of information in this podcast, so I hope you will take the time to listen. 
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What Does the Podcast Address:

  • My own background and expertise.
  • The benefits of visualization for reading, writing and other areas of academics.
  • The ways visualization builds attention skills.
  • My journey on expanding my own personal visualization abilities.
  • My work with students to develop their mind’s eye.
  • The process of visualization training.
  • Elisheva shares her own struggle utilizing visualization when she was a young student.
  • We discuss how visualization brings the “fun factor” into learning.
  • The history of visualization.
  • How visualization can help in everyday life.
  • I play a game with Elisheva that helps to strengthen visualization skills.
  • Where to get visuals when the mind is having trouble.
  • Ways to use audiobooks to improve visualization.
  • Using games to improve visualization abilities.
  • How to take text and turn it into mental imagery.
  • How to support your children with dyslexia.
  • How Can I Access This Podcast - The Secret Weapon to Unleashing Your Learning Potential:
You can learn more about our interview on Elishiva’s website. If you would prefer you can go directly to iTunes or Stitcher Radio by following these links: | iTunes | Stitcher Radio

Be sure to give the episode a thumbs up, and all comments are welcome. If you can share the podcast on social media too, that would be awesome!

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Where Can I Learn More About Developing Visualization Skills?

I have found that the best way to teach visualization is through games and mindful discussions. To help with this process, I wrote a book entitled Mindful Visualization for Education. This 132 page downloadable document offers a review of the research, assessment tools, over twenty game-like activities and lesson suggestions in all the subject areas as well as for vocabulary development and listening. In addition, I offer two PowerPoint downloads that review the 10 core skills that need to be developed to optimize visualization abilities.

If you have any thoughts on visualization for learning, please post a comment! Also, if you have had success with visualization and learning, please share your experiences.

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

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