Educational & Learning Materials For Grades 4-6

By addressing new concepts in simplistic terms as well as integrating critical thinking skills, our collection of educational materials for Grades 4-6 are created to be both age-appropriate, multisensory and fun. Although these materials were often designed for struggling students, they can be used with all learners.


How Can Struggling Middle School Students Gain the Needed Skills For High School?

While some students have been struggling throughout their schooling, others start to experiences difficulties for the first time in middle school when lessons move from concrete concepts to more abstract ways of thinking.  For both populations of learners, they often need a tailored or individualized way of learning. 

How Can We Give Middle School Students the Tools for Success?

When a middle school student requires additional support, it is important to evaluated the problem and provide any needed testing.  Once the core problems are defined, an individualize education plan can be defined.  This often includes:

  • reteaching missed academic content in a multisensory fashion.
  • evaluating and providing remedial activities that can help to strengthen weak areas of cognition. 
  • providing fun and engaging strategies while kindling a love for learning.  

What are Some Common Areas of Difficulty for Middle School Students

Middle school students can struggle with cognitive based as well as academic based weaknesses.  Difficulties can be caused by learning disabilities such as dyslexia or they can be the result of a poor or inadequate education.  But what are some of the most common difficulties?