Learning Activities & Educational Materials for Grades K-3

Encompassing educational lessons across subjects, as well as cognitive remedial activities, this collection serves children in Grades K-3 learn to their best abilities. These publication also help teachers find innovative, multisensory and new instruction methods so that they can meet the needs of all their learners.


What to do When Kindergarten and Elementary Students Struggle in School

As soon as a young student shows signs of falling behind in school, it is important to investigate and evaluate the cause.  Early assessments and intervention can assure that struggling students can get the individualized support and develop the needed foundational skills, so that they can learn new lessons with confidence.  If the school is not able to provide the needed services, parents can hire a learning specialist or educational therapist.  If parents would prefer to help their kids themselves, they can purchase the needed tools from us at Good Sensory Learning.  In fact, we are always happy to guide teachers, therapists, and parents to the best products and resources. Simply send an email to Erica@GoodSensoryLearning.com.

What can be Done for Struggling Readers in Kindergarten and Elementary School?

We offer many tools to help struggling readers.  In fact, we specialize in making the learning process fun and memorable so that struggling students have pleasant associations with the learning process.  We offer assessments for reading and spelling!  Also, you can come check out our series of reading games.  We also pride ourselves in offering multisensory lessons and activities.  Finally, we also offer cognitive remedial solutions for those students that have specific deficits that need to be strengthened.  

What can be Done for Struggling Math Students in Kindergarten and Elementary School?

When young students are having a hard time with math concepts, it usually means that they don't have the needed core cognitive skills.  They may require the development and strengthening of visual processing, auditory processing, processing speed, sequential skills, attention, rapid automatic naming, or memory to name a few.  Then, they may lack the needed math strategies too.  These are all skills that we, at Good Sensory Learning, are happy to support!  Whether it is a math strategies blog, or new and multisensory math lessons and games, you can count on us!

What can be Done for Struggling Writers in Kindergarten and Elementary School?

We are also pleased to help you meet the needs of students that find it hard and frustrating to write.  We can guide you to blogs like, how to teach writing skills for struggling students or fun elementary writing products!